30 Days to Greater Self-Love

Imagine all that can change when you learn to truly, authentically love yourself...

Imagine for a moment how different your life can be when you learn to truly love yourself....

What would change?

How would you feel?

What opportunities would open up, when you finally realize your value?

How would that feel?

What relationships would be transformed? Which would be left behind?

How would that feel?

Now imagine that you could begin to transform your life today, with real results starting immediately....

How does THAT feel?

If every day for the next thirty days you were to consciously apply one self-love suggestion, what would that look like in a month?

How will you have changed over that period?

Really look at that: How will you have changed?

How would that feel?

Now imagine that you do nothing.

And nothing changes.

The truth is, if you could have done something by yourself to increase your self love, you would have. And you haven't.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, and decade after decade passes and you stay pretty much at the same level of self love as you've ever been....

And nothing changes.

You don't spend a lot of time thinking about how your life could change. Life gets in the way...you get busy....

And even if you do happen to daydream a bit about what could have been, or should have been...or briefly think about "what if's" self-doubt stops you.

And nothing changes.

It takes a certain level of self-trust to believe that anything could ever change. And without that self-trust, nothing changes. Days and weeks pile up, and nothing changes.

It takes bravery to choose to change.

It takes desire to change.

It takes commitment to change.

More to the point, it takes the discomfort of the status quo, an awareness that the present is not really working out as well as it could be.

It takes a painful reality nudge towards a new way of being.

Often, it's that pain of feeling not good enough, that leads women to this doorstep. Because the reality cannot be denied: that unless something new is done, nothing changes.

And that's just too painful.

Transformation seems to be something "out there" and not within reach....

But it is in reach. And you have found your way to the doorstep. Now all you need do, is come in.

And everything changes.

If that's what you choose.

30 Days to Greater Self Love. One month.

Or do nothing.

And nothing changes.

You decide.

But don't enroll unless you can imagine yourself changing. Because if you can't imagine it, nothing changes.

And if you are ready to stop feeling small, and to start to make small shifts daily, and to not stop halfway there, to commit to 30 days to greater self love, to not let self-doubt derail you, then welcome to your new life, where self love takes root and blossoms.

30 days.

Four weeks.

One little month to a new lifestyle.

You deserve to live the life that you desire.

It starts here, today.

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Let the change begin....

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